Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY Banner

Since I am a photographer, I am always shopping around for different props for my staging. One thing I enjoy are banners, but unfortunately the cost of then are expensive. I have seen price range from $15 to $30, sometimes higher. I decided, hey why not make my own...I am very crafty, so I did. All the supplies that I needed, I already had from other projects that I did in the past.
1. Glue gun, craft paper or (scrapbook paper), yarn or (you could use ribbon) and a triangle templet. (Sorry I did not take a picture of the craft paper or the templet I used). 2. Then I cut out my triangle pieces. I cut out 9 for each row. I lined them to my desire look before I glued then on to the yarn. 3. After I got the look I like, I just hot glued them to the yarn. Then you are all done. 4. Use the banner. In the 4th image this is how I used it.

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